Earn $125,000+ Every Year

Sell Digital Signage Advertising

Earn Big Profits and Recurring Revenue

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Earn $125,000 per Year
Sell Digital Signage Advertising
Exciting Startup Business Opportunity

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Very Low Startup Costs

Become a digital signage advertising reseller. Start up this business with a $500 investment in a TV and media player. Use our signage advertising service to grow your business–full or part-time.

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Earn Recurring Income

Install signage TV points at high traffic locations: fast food outlets, shopping malls, gyms and waiting areas. Sell and display customer ads on this tv network. Earn recurring income with ad renewals.


No Techie Skills Needed

Do you know how to install a wall-mounted TV? Then you’re qualified. It’s that simple. We manage the digital signage advertising cloud. Use our content creation service to design customer ads.

Signage AdNet Features

  • Digital signage advertising service
  • Great startup business opportunity
  • Sell ads, earn recurring income
  • Grow business full or part-time
  • Unlimited customer accounts and ads
  • Cloud-based digital signage service
  • Low-cost media player hardware
  • Display ad as image, video or website
  • Low-cost ad content creation service
  • No tech skills needed, focus on selling
Start a Digital Signage Advertising Business With Signage Adnet

How to make recurring revenue

Install TV screens in popular high traffic locations and sell signage ads to local business. You charge a fixed price per year for each customer ad, displaying each signage ad on a TV for a preset time, say 10 seconds. You earn recurring income from customer ad renewals.

How to Make Money Selling Ads

Typical Business Model:

Charge each customer $250/year/ad

Ad revenue for each TV/location

Display 25 Ads: Earn $6,250/year

Display 50 Ads: Earn $12,500/year

5 locations: Earn $62,500/year

10 locations: Earn $125,000/year

So with only a $500 investment you’re on the road to earning $125,000/year

Sell 25 to 50 Customer Ads per TV/location to Maximize Profits

What’s Needed

As a reseller you job is to to find popular locations to install signage TV displays–your tv ad network. In exchange for this TV space, offer location site owners free digital signage for their business or a share of the ad revenue. A nice win-win.

Signage Media Player
We offer a low-cost player to display digital signage advertising on a TV. Plug this pocket-sized device into your TV’s HDMI source input. Customer ad display playback is automatic.

Ad Content Creation Service
As many small, independent resellers do not have in-house graphic designers we offer a low-cost ad content creation service. Let us design your customer ads.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
We do the hard stuff. We manage the digital signage advertising cloud, supply the media players and design your ads. Everything needed to run your business. Your job: selling ads and earning recurring income.

Digital Signage Advertising

We Can Create Your Customer Ads

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