How Signage Adnet Works

Signage Adnet is a content management service (CMS) designed to display ads on one or more TV screens. Upload your customer ads to our CMS which allows you to organize ads into a playlist. Customer ads can be images, video clips and websites.

To display ads on your TV screen you need a media player. Our media player transforms any standard TV into an ad display station. Simply plug our player into your TV’s HDMI source input. It automatically downloads an ad playlist from the CMS, displaying customer ads on the TV screen.

Signage Adnet is a complete reseller advertising service. It provides a cloud-based digital signage CMS and low-cost media players for displaying customer ads on your TV screens: 

How Signage Adnet Works

How Signage Adnet Works:

Step 1: Create your customer ads using standard software like Photoshop or PowerPoint.

Step 2:
Upload the ads to the Signage Adnet CMS, organizing them into an ad playlist.

Step 3: Plug the media player into your TV’s HDMI source input. The media player automatically downloads and displays the ad playlist on your TV.

The media player displays each customer ad in the playlist for a preset time–a time you select. The ad playlist is displayed on the TV in a continuous loop. It’s not that much different than setting up a music playlist on your iPod or MP3 player. Instead of playing songs from a playlist you’re displaying customer ads.

To manage your advertising network all you need is a web browser. There is no software to install. Our cloud service is very easy to use and includes online help if you need it.

Signage Adnet provides resellers everything they need to display customer ads on standard TV screens. We can even design your customer ads. We do all the hard work so you can focus on just selling customer ads and growing your digital signage advertising business.

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